About This Project

The Xarelto, There is More to Rise For, Keep Rising Campaign, focuses on reminding Black patients who have been diagnosed with CAD, that there is more in life to keep rising for.   That Black people come from a history of those who rise and have risen to the occasion.  Whether, it’s rising up against discrimination, rising at Church to join in prayer, rising to the challenge when the stakes are high, to rising at the game when our grandson attempts to win a shot with 5 seconds left on the clock, life for us is best experienced when we can rise!

:30 Second teaser

– Clips and photos of iconic moments of when we have risen (Ali, Selma, etc.)

– Moments of joy on our feet (Electric slide, James brown, church, weddings)



Headline: There’s More to Rise For-

Body copy: (Use one per Adcept)

More Electric Slides

More Walks down the Aisles

More Anniversaries

More Winning Shots

More Hymns



Xarelto – Keep Rising

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